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Insurance Update Feb 2023

Updated: Feb 15

Insurance companies are beginning to cover some of the costs of ketamine infusions. We are not in network with any insurance, but we can now file an out of network claim with your insurance provider for you! All we need is your insurance card and we will do the rest! We use a company called Reimbursify to file your claim. With Reimbursify, reimbursement is sent directly to you from your insurance company.

We do require payment at the time of service and accept cash, check, credit cards, HSA, FSA, and money orders. Each ketamine infusion is $400, which is $150 for the medical office visit and $250 for the infusion itself. Most insurance companies will pay at least a portion of the office visit. Some are now paying for the infusion itself. Out-of-network rates and annual deductibles apply.

With your insurance information, we can now check in advance to see if you have out of network benefits and what your insurance provider is likely to pay! Just give us a call (352-325-5755) and we will verify for you.

If you prefer, you can also file your own claim using the Reimbursify app or file a claim online in just a few minutes!

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