Ketamine Infusion Therapy

All 40-minute mental health ketamine infusions priced competitively at $349*

(*there is a $149 initial consult fee the 1st visit)


Ketamine-assisted therapy is the latest in depression treatment, consisting of a one-on-one ketamine counseling session with a certified trauma professional. $130 add-on

Reimbursify - Claim your money back 25.j

IV Vitamin Therapy

Myers' Cocktail $135

B12 Injection $20

Glutathione $60 (1g) $90 (2g)

Vitamin C $135 (25g) $200 (50g)

See Vitamin Page for Other Formulas

SOT Therapy

First SOT ~$1949 (includes blood draw, preparation, and infusion)

Additional SOTs $1650 each